TRILURON® may provide up to 6 months of relief from osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain with just 3 injections1

TRILURON® may be an effective pain-relief option if you have knee osteoarthritis. TRILURON® was shown to provide long-lasting relief from OA knee pain in a clinical study in which patients were given 3 injections of TRILURON® once per week for 3 weeks.1 Patients reported an average reduction in pain of 38% after 6 months of treatment.

What is TRILURON®?

TRILURON® is a viscous solution containing hyaluronate injected directly into your knee that acts like a lubricant and shock absorber. Hyaluronan is a natural substance found in high amounts in your body’s joint tissue and joint fluid.

Frequently asked questions about TRILURON®2

How is TRILURON® given?

Your doctor will inject TRILURON® into your knee.

How many injections will I receive?

TRILURON® will be administered in a convenient 3-injection regimen, with each injection given 1 week apart.

How soon will I feel pain relief?

Your response to TRILURON® may vary, depending on the severity of your OA, degree of pain, and pre-existing medical conditions.

How long will pain relief last?

Three injections given at weekly intervals can provide most patients with long-lasting pain relief for up to 6 months. The duration of pain relief you experience may vary.

Can I repeat my treatment?

TRILURON® therapy can be safely repeated if your doctor feels it is appropriate. Please consult with your doctor to find out whether you can benefit from repeat treatment.

Can I take other medications?

TRILURON® has no known drug interactions. However, you should consult with your doctor before taking any other medications while being treated with TRILURON®.

What about side effects?

Local side effects sometimes seen with TRILURON® include joint swelling/pain, injection site pain, local skin reactions (rash, ecchymosis) and injection site warmth. Usually, these disappear within a few days of resting and/or applying ice.

Are there any reasons why I should not take TRILURON®?

You should not take this product if you have had any previous allergic reaction to TRILURON® or similar material, e.g., hyaluronate products. You should not have an injection into the knee if you have infections or skin diseases around the injection site.