TRILURON® improves lubrication and reduces friction compared with several other commercially available hyaluronic acid (HA) products1,a

HA effects of friction reduction on cartilage at various sliding speeds

Study design: Bovine articular cartilage was pressed against polished glass while bathed in commercially available HA products. While pressed, the cartilage was slid at predetermined speeds (0.1 mm/sec to 10 mm/sec) to represent the sliding speeds of a possible range of daily activities. During sliding, both compression and friction forces were measured to calculate the friction coefficient.

Friction reduction was seen across a wide range of sliding speeds that may represent a possible range of daily activities1

aPreclinical test data may not be indicative of human clinical outcomes.
bThe HA in TRILURON® is the same chemical formulation as the HA in HYALGAN®.
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